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Jan Zeleny

Red Hat
Engineering Manager
Brno, Czech Republic
Jan is a passionate engineering manager who enjoys the technical work as much as the work with people and leadership of the team. He believes that well working team can do greater things than any individual and he likes building strong teams that have drive and passion for what they do.

Being a manager in his day job, Jan is still an engineer in his heart. And because his day job fully employs his leadership skills and minimizes his exposure to the technical work, Jan enjoys returning back to the engineering work at least in evenings.

Jan carefully picks projects he works on to make sure he truly cares about them. That's because he believes people need to truly care about everything they do if they want to do it well. Because he cares, Jan thinks holistically about projects he works on. It's not just the code. It's the architecture. It's the user experience. It's the value proposition. It's the people who he collaborates with. When he cares, it's easy for them to care as well.