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Saturday, February 23


Lukáš Czerner - Local kernel file systems update

This talk will give you and overview on what is currently cooking in local Linux file systems and what has been done in the recent past. With btrfs getting stabilized, xfs gaining more traction, ext4 improvements, new storage capabilities and file system requirements we are in the exciting new era where it might be hard to keep on track with the recent development. This talk should get you a picture on where are we heading to, get you familiar with the new features and capabilities and give you an idea how to use them correctly.

avatar for Lukáš Czerner

Lukáš Czerner

Kernel Engineer, Red Hat
Lukas is one of the core ext4 developers employed by Red Hat, Inc located in Czech Republic. He is actively working on improving the ext4 file systems as well as other local Linux file systems and its user space utilities. He is active member of Linux kernel community participating... Read More →

Saturday February 23, 2013 1:20pm - 2:05pm
#Lecture room D1


Radek Pazdera - LNST - Automated and Portable Network Tests

In this presentation, we would like to introduce a tool we have been working on for the last couple of months. Our main goal is to make networking tests and reproducers as automated and portable as possible.

Testing network stacks requires a fair amount of configuration to be done on multiple machines. The configuration itself is a part of the test. However, it is often highly dependant on the environment and unfortunately, when the environment changes (due to move to a different hardware/site, changes in the addressing, or simply updates of the operating system) the configuration often breaks.

With LNST, we try to overcome these problems of transferring network configuration between different environments. We will demonstrate the ideas and the concepts we are working with, as well as the features that are a part of Linux Network Stack Test.

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Radek Pazdera

kernel-qe, Red Hat
I'm a part of kernel-qe at Red Hat located in Brno, Czech Republic. My focus is the development of a network testing automation framework called LNST. At the same time, I'm still a student at Brno University of Technology.

Saturday February 23, 2013 2:10pm - 2:55pm
#Lecture room D1


Jiří Olša - perf profiling

Introducing performance events on linux and how to use then via perf for profiling.

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Jiri Olsa

Software Engineer, Red Hat
Jiri works for RedHat full time on Linux as kernel generalist engineer in Brno office, Czech Republicech Republic. He currently divides his work time between upstream perf work and maintaining RHEL perf.

Saturday February 23, 2013 3:00pm - 3:45pm
#Lecture room D1


Jesper Dangaard Brouer - Beyond the existences of Bufferbloat, have we found the cure?

We have reached a point, where people have accepted bufferbloat does exist.  Bufferbloat is the phenomenon of excessive network buffering causing high latency and jitter, as well as reducing the overall network throughput.  But what about the solution?

This talk is about, what techniques and solution we have (recently) implemented in the Linux kernel to mitigate (or solve?) bufferbloat.

Subjects covered in detail are: TSQ (TCP Small Queue), BQL (Byte Queue Limit), CoDel (Controlled Delay active queue management).

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Jesper Dangaard Brouer

Linux Kernel Developer, Red Hat
Jesper Dangaard Brouer is Principal Kernel Engineer at Red Hat, and is part of the team that maintains the Linux Kernel Network Stack. He is working from the comfort of this home in Denmark, outside Copenhagen. He has participated in several invitation only developer conferences... Read More →

Saturday February 23, 2013 3:50pm - 4:35pm
#Lecture room D1


Daniel Borkmann - Linux' packet mmap(), BPF, and the netsniff-ng toolkit

This talk will cover internals of the PF_PACKET socket in the Linux kernel, in particular the packet mmap() mechanism ("zero-copy") that is used to improve packet capturing and transmission performance from user space. In addition to that, the Berkeley Packet Filter will be partially covered with its built-in kernel space "virtual machine" and just-in-time compiler. As an application on top of that, the netsniff-ng toolkit will be presented (http://netsniff-ng.org/), which can be used to facilitate a network developer's daily kernel plumbing, but also the daily work of system administrators or security consultants.


Daniel Borkmann

Linux Kernel Engineer, Red Hat
Linux C plumbing in different areas, e.g. Linux kernel, netsniff-ng, lksctp-tools, uemacs, tlsdate, and others.

Saturday February 23, 2013 4:40pm - 5:25pm
#Lecture room D1


Kernel lightning talks

Jiri Benc - Precision Time Protocol / Jiri Pirko - Network Team driver project / Zdenek Kabelac - LVM swiss army knife

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Jiri Benc

Principal Kernel Engineer, Red Hat
Jiri is a Linux kernel developer with networking background. His main focus nowadays is on network virtualization and networking solutions for cloud computing.
avatar for Zdenek Kabelac

Zdenek Kabelac

Red Hat
Senior software engineer working for Red Hat. Member of lvm2 development team.
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Jiří Pírko

Staff Software Engineer, Mellanox
Kernel developer working on various networking plumbing projects, mainly mlxsw driver, Team driver, etc.

Saturday February 23, 2013 5:30pm - 6:30pm
#Lecture room D1
Sunday, February 24


Jonathan Brassow - Storage Management with LVM

The Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) has added a number of new features in recent years, including updates to mirroring, snapshots, raid support and more.  This lab will introduce attendees to the fundamental concepts in LVM and give hands-on experience with the latest features.

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Jon Brassow

Soft Eng Mgr, Red Hat, Inc
Jonathan Brassow is a software engineering manager at Red Hat, Inc. He manages the software-define storage group, which includes: LVM, device-mapper, MD, and related products.

Sunday February 24, 2013 9:00am - 10:30am
Hackfest Lab 1 C525