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Pavel Šimerda

Red Hat
Software Engineer

After learning a bit of programming, I was attracted by the networking world. I got from petty Pascal/C++ projects through web development using ugly PHP and later Python, to a freelancing work with most of the projects in server administration, network equipment configuration and a bit of programming. Most people in the business know me from my conference talks and articles.

One of my conference talk brought me an offer from Red Hat, which I joined in May 2012 to work on NetworkManager. I was already a Fedora user and package maintainer at that time. Since August 2013 I'm no longer working as a regular NetworkManager developer (staying an upstream contributor, though). Even before that I tried to put my hands on a number of other projects via bug reports, tests and code. I'm also interested in various network-related standards and especially bugs and bad assumptions in IETF documents.