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Francesco Vollero

Red Hat Czech
Opensource developer / Software Engineer
Brno, Czech Republic
In addition to being the official main front person for Aeolus in the EU, I'm a Ruby Software Engineer on Aeolus and the Deltacloud project (also Apache licensed), with a background as a sysadmin. I've developed many webapps beginning with mod_perl, C and php, and crossed the river of object oriented programming with C++ and Python at first, after with Ruby, Rails and Sinatra, where I found my real happiness. Functional languages addicted (Clojure as first).

I'm a LILIK Member (Florence University association for the spread of open source) and as member I'm involved to the creation of events with Open source and Linux/BSD topics.

I actively contribute to ruby ecosystem with patches to numerous gems and to Openshift with "redis-openshift".

I give my 2 cents on opensource knowledge with my presence on the ruby, openbsd misc mailing lists and as a salutary patcher on the pdfcube project.