Mario Torre

Red Hat
Senior Software Engineer

Hacker for fun and freedom, free software enthusiast, musician and incurable romantic, he has served few key FLOSS projects like GNU Classpath and OpenJDK and is co-author of the Caciocavallo project. Mario has a strong interest in Computer Graphics and Human - Machine interaction and User Interface design. He has developed several graphics libraries and ported Swing and AWT to various Operating Systems, as well as the Java binding for OpenGL and OpenGL ES, OpenKODE and other popular APIs. Currently, is the maintainer of IcedRobot and Caciocavallo, and one of the authors of ThingsFX, a library that expands JavaFX with custom widgets and provides Swing to JavaFX integration support.

This is how he describes himself on his website:

"I'm an hacker, for fun and because it makes me feel free. I'm a musician too, for the same reasons. I love to live slowly, to take time to think about everything, to read, to think, to look the at sky at night and to be impressed by the Moon, wondering how it can be suspended that way without falling down. I like to walk on the promenade looking at the sea, up to the lighthouse in my city, where I can send special messages to the world in my favourite Porto bottle. I like to play my guitar while my brother sings. I like to hack on GNU Classpath and OpenJDK and to be in touch with the Community. Of course, I use Linux and I aim for World DominationTM. But when I'll get it, I'll simply throw all away and start all over again. I am an incurable romantic."

Mario works as Senior Software Engineer, Java Platform, for Red Hat.